the dark angel rouse - eth . . . in cavernous cave
all hail and regaleth  regina ?
sataneth reign . . . at  the dark dawn of man ?
and . . . .  he nobbeth the piggy in china ???


on a reclina for china swina ??
pig jiggy chicky chick flu
boars with sores and their festering pores it,s telly smelly true
as the flight still comes in like a grunge gunny grin ... does that float your boat
smug as a bug in a newkippers mug .... surrounded bu his moat
and the fated black death ..... well all don,t hold your breath .... it,s not coming any time soon
don,t ring dem bells dem bells dem bells like the harbingers of doom
so on a reclina for china swina a radio radio hummer
as the band strikes up "enola gay"
again like we did last summer

but in bugxit britain the bed bug,s just smitten
the fleabag well she jumped too soon
like a rat up a pipe well we konow she talks tripe..... as the fat bird she whistled a tune
like an old bog roll toll in her dark herpid hole .... a regally number two
but it,s all vagueuy plaguey or all plaguey mayby  a plagueuy dangereux
but hail "captain covid" ....  a sweety jar tin lid .... a "bugxit bunny" choc

it,s all such a wheeze like an underground sneeze ??  and it, all  neyh .... whats up doc ??
and goebbels gerbils has as the cat just got furballs .... like a witches familiar of old ??
  an old folklore trick that you play on the sick .... .. like a  salesman with "better buy bold"
 but not glad he rang then try "chicky bang" for those festering ground in stains
the fridge might be cold but tht dark fetid mould .... like the black crack in  des res'es drains
like an all psychic self  .... on a near empty shelf ....  that auto check out bleep
  "self isolating simon says" ..... it,s "supermarket sweep"
but hey there plaque pickers who,se top of the sickers .... just one cornetto for me
china swinaa,s at number two but  it,s  set now for just number three
as super spreading sally sings . . .   a von trapp  . . . clap clap  . . . apres ski
and  "mincing  morons from outer cretin" .....
it,s the best film  on freeview t.v. ......


the end of the world is nigh some say but it,s not as much fun as you,d hink
beneath the black cloud .... hear the clown laugh out loud ..... belzy,s tickled pink
in his dark cave with his latest love slave his "bunny whunny woo"
her on eggshells treadness .... her centrefold spreadness  ... her crown that,s all patched up with  glue
...but the coffee turns green ....hear the "cheesy machine" the coronation croner
  and tesco,s who knows that,s the way that it goes  all hail the "bobbing throoner"
  the bannanara dance macabre  ... maybe it,s perhaps .....alligators immitators  ... friends with chickenflaps
but are chickenflap friends  just like margarine blends ...  the centreback chelsea are poaching
you could lose the game and you might get the blame .... and you know it,s "gashgayguns approachimng"
a frockydown horror a honky tonk collar .... a turkey who,s  best past his ducky
it,s chocky hob nobs, or it,s  corn on the cobs ... or it,s just mary muck wad the mucky
but some say you corona be serious .... "bop shoo be doo wah" from above
  germans with measels v weasels with easels love  ..... but the score well it,s still 40 - love
and jokus pokus .... it,s football focus the reds had it all in the can
some run  in dread from the bag on the head .... but he,s just "the effeminate man"
but "winker lurchswill "  as he heats up the grill ...... his nose it sometimes grew
a cheesy machine as we all watch the queen .... like the green eyed bunny few
but the shke n pat and put the freshness back ..... you just can,t make bread without flour
but in ages some will sing and hum ..... that this was their swinest hour