aus is burning aus is burning
chickenflaps from hell
 the turkey got a hot roast stuffing
  ancient rome once fell
like the cloven hoof of the "what a woof"  ... and get that "guy,s troll,s troll"
in the felching flames of the orifice games ...... it,s all so laugh out l.o.l.
  and nero plays, the audience stay,s .... the curse or the long since forgotten
would simon rise at the crack of dawn ... or  mince in the dark face of bottom
cause summer nights or arabian flights ..... you,re the one that i want ooh ooh ooh
the boy,s own grin the smirk within  ..... let the skies turn a dark deadly hue
but nouveau dark age ....  the scribes turn their page ...
   the flickering candlelit gloon
  the catflap 6 mitch ....  the bathory bitch
an ill wind that cometh too soon ??

burn baby burn it,s a disco inferno the
 pig dropped the cig as she scoff quoffed her pernod
cause we,re gathered here (though some scoff and sneer)
the halfit hunchback  . . . . hear ye bell
a swine of the times as the doombell still chimes
and old dry wood burns really well
cause the heart might yearn but will paris yet burn it,s lies up or fries up but all in good time
  a bum,s red hot chum or a priests sanquine humand did these feet in ancient swine
cause ancient treasures talk ancient pleasures . . . a rave in the cave at the dawn of ham
 demented fermented but furtive frequented . . .some say an ounce but it,s really a gramme
  cause the lambs a sham  . . .  but it,s hot sizzling ham . . .the fido fornico,s show,s a  drag
  it,s all "honky donk" with a bottle of plonk . . .but a slightly dissapointing stag
  but some say "watch out" cause it,s "belzy,s about"but let,s all hail the comeback king
  mock not ye  "hog crack of notre ham" the gargoyle might smile and he bells they still "ming"
  said the ol bunny bragger . . .  but is this a dagger . . .it,s all oo la la and it,s run for your wife
  pelting down the road that night . . . caught at the door for his trouble and strife
  cause at "club des res rotten" it,s belzybottom . . . rosy young cheeks hear the choirboy groan
a starring role but he sold soul . . .in "pansy potter . . . and the philosophers bone"
and it,s "moan of arc" in ye medieval dark . . .  old v.h.s and a big box of tissues
  in these strange days as the tape it still plays . . a bunny with insecurity issues ?
but "getting on like a house on fire"  that,s what he say,s but you can,t be too sure
but a "big girl no bottom" at club des res rotten  hey "are you trying to screw a hole in the floor ??"
but burn baby burn it, s a disco inferno
the pig dropped the cig as she scoff quoffed the pernod
 the rats they,re still squealing the laughters still peeling
the witch she,s a snitch on the simpering side
it,s grass that we smoke was that bloke  just a joke
the roof,s just aloof . . . and the four horsemen ride

the devils all soul well he burns lot,s of coal
and it,s "ice  to see you  to see you ice"
a "good game good game" well he,s not one to blame
you might catch the look but you  don,t look twice
like a black death bequeath dodgy teeth lousy breath
but . . . . "didn,t they do smell"
that large "cuddly toy" would it bring them much joy
hear the clangs of the old doomsday bell
  the hell hath no dam of  the man with the fan
you might catch the look but you don,t look  twice
your in a dark wood . . . you can,t see the trees
  but . . . it,s "ice to see you to see you ice"