"smoke me a kipper"
said "jack the ripper"
and some say "what a guy"
an all a quiver slice of liver  . . . . but if only pigs could fry
as the swills-on-tills on the sham-ham hills
where the bunny sometimes hops

  but the camden clown saw the open gown of lollitatrollipops
  so a romp in rome with the laughing gnome ??
  these days you can,t be sure

  get the apes with grapes and the "90" tapes
  and that oh so creaky door

spare the spliff .... said emma smith
but jack would only nod
easter monday,s been and gone . . .  the fleeting feet of plod
but chicky gang rang as the nightingale sang . . . . the buzzer just said "pat"
  "the outrage occurred" as the pussycat purred and "ivan" stroked his cat
and the "fairy fay" well he just ran away . . . .like a big black swan in tights
  the "devle" kissed his  "mikerscope" on hot arabian nights ??
like the pontious prose when your down amongst ho,s . . . "repent of ye in god"
but spare the spliff ..... said emma smith
and jack would only nod

take a "day tripper" with "the ripper"
we all know who sharpened the knife
the queen of broadmoor rides his "piggy-me-phwoar"
it,s time now for "this is your life"
cause up the back alley with sypyllis sally
the poofter,s all hammy as how
"tis footsteps in clover" . . .  "they think it,s all over"
and maybe it really "is now" ???