so it,s time to take out disneyland
i didn,t like it anyway
so it,s time to get nuke
 with that saccharine puke
let the seven dwarves get blown away
cause it,s been such a blast
with the mickey mouse cast
but it,s time that goofy got it loud
and snow white what,s that overhead ?
it,s a large atomic mushroom cloud ???
so it,s all vapourise
or it,s donald duck fries
cinders well it,s been a ball
it,s the end of the gig for the little fat pig
sorry folks but th th thats all !!!

but we live in a yellowyou just need to mellow
but now it,s a nuclear submarine
till it,s "betty accident oh no"courtesy of "mr bean"
but a large mushroom cloud well you just feel so proud
so it,s "don,t puke the nuke"or it,s god save the queen
a story to tell so it,s all in the mail ...
but it,s somehow ... nowhere ... to be seen ???

but at torquay towers the sunshine flowers
and even the rats well they run from the rain

just like chernobyl once went global
it,s said by some that it,s happened again
and a clammy collar gamma horror mother it,s an atom heart
the gamma clown rides into town but has the "c" word come apart
but a rain report well it,s news of sort heres geiger readings here and there
( though some say that there,s lot,s of it and that in truth it,s everywhere )
but if your in goring well some say it,s boring
but "nesbitt,s neutrons" are gigging tonight

so take a ride on the geiger side but make sure you get home alright
and down there in southsea it might feel quite queasy
that bracing sea air,s .... somehow ailing
the greasy fry,s or the porky pies ?? but which way is the air prevailing
and in liverpool well theres talk of stool  but let,s all talk inclement rain
in birmingham city it,s sleeting and gritty
"let the good times roll" it,s a cruel refrain

and in camden town well it,s coming downbut in barking well it,s not been seen
it,s t.v to chill if your in stamford ill
or your out for the night in stoke spewington green
but contamination for the nation keep tuned in we might yet see
so "polly put your kettle on"
 and make yourself a cup of tea ??