the bubo of lisper he talks in a whisper
he follows me all around town
he gets un my ear like the crimper of fear
like the bouffant hair do of a clown
an old psycho-laugh down a dark distant path .... the light of the measly old moon
the creatures all bay at the end of the day .... as the lisper reroll,s his dark  rune
 a master-mutator . . .  who,ll just get you later .... . from dark caves of paganeth age
  till jetting by plane .... well he,s in the fast lane .... but  hear ye righteosness rage
so lisping in tights .... well his names up in lights .... regaleth  his reaming refrains
a dodgy old darling .... of sycophant snarling ..... the rats multiply in their drains
but chicken coop restive a dunking digestive
  it,s frankenswine,s one a.m. show
  the old darling reams as the heroine screams
and mother she striketh the blow

zygomycosis played guitar ....
the spiders from mars gigged with modi
the gangied guru of desi daru
who played his trump card like a toady

 a ritual slaughter of "dead souls" in water ....a black and treacly slither
the pestilential pyres burn ... "the eternal" sail down that damned river
and an eerie applause as some stop and pause it,s the b 613 variations
the deadly drums from festid slums ... tread  highways of so "sovereign" nations
so it,s "aushwitz baby" or the no way maybe of "brazilian blend bombastic"
"regina rejoice" its a chicken flap choice
  but  "thumbs up" from "captain fantastic" ??