but money for nothing . . . . and it,s chicks for free
  a squeeze of a tease or it,s  ac / dc
  and it,s cool for cats . . .  or it,s  pernod for pats
  tthe old fag hag bag of the sagging twin peaks
   at the piscean bar . . . . and the freaky fan far
it,s the fun of the fair . . .  but the air somehow reeks
and officer diddle he,ll read you a riddle

  rear mirror eye,s  . . .  spies a buy one get gift

a  mincey voiced maggot . . . an old smirking faggot  ???
 ( the sunshine,s gone down on his late evening shift ?? )

and a dark secret sniggy from  "serial piggy" ??
if yo go down to the woods  today

a decades old game but you,r now in the frame
  on a "mystery tour" down the old "blue jay way"