love me blender love me do
the bunny it,s said that she,s hopping
a fairycake fright in the half neon light
a bargains been had late night shopping
but the turkey once said "that we all live in dread"
was rudolph  the red nose  . . . just bluffing ??
a small santa clause and a no record pause
and a tesco,s own brand type of stuffing

yo ho ho it,s the donald duck show
he,s not just an old dirty ducky
and jingle bells verses bunny smells
 it,s said that the turkey got plucky
an ol notty hotty a so grotty totty . .
don,t sniff around in her draws
but swine on you ol crazy diamond some say . .
he,s up for it old santa phwoars ??
with ol gunny greedy well some like it speedy . .
think snow  white when things they get slacker
mirror mirror on the wall  ??
who,s realy that young x,mas cracker

but give up jestiality
kissy kissy snoggy snog
so don,t have a dig at the jesters gig
it,s best not to jest at the humping hog
but the big greedy gunny she,s all tonquey tonquey
is macon bacon sizzling still
will the all jesters mock as it chimes twelve o,clock
or will hammy the rammy
 go in for the swill