but ol pumpinmilfskins  a wolverine grin grins
it,s ad to be glad in a months magazine
so looking it,s crookin it,s time to get cooking
 a biscuit like briskit it,s time to get  so keen
cause a rank oven grill leaves you feeling so swill
some might yet still say it,s a run for your strife
some say that milf is just really a grillf
just an old rebranded readers wife
a turkey type twizzler an old bacon swizzler
 the ovens not really quite so sheen
an old griller swiller a hollywood thriller
 but would the villain yet come clean
cause ol humpygrillfskins his measly old one skins
it,s ad he,s been had and he,s now out of cash
and a cheap ready meal and it,s deal or no deal
an it,s grill the swill real
on his tescos own rash