but it,s hotpants on fireor it,s ducky dyke dire
beware the eyes of june
it,s a pert young behind of a royal blue kind  its a "believe in bottom" moon ??
and it,s "rosy cheek flaps" as the audience claps so young  so . . . "very nice"
a "merry go brexit" some search for the exit . . . . or it,s nice to e.u to e.u nice
cause it,s crazy to coast when it,s first past the roast . . .  cowards finch and sneer
cause now is the summer in some way,s a hummer . . .  it,s time now for "rear of the year"
so it,s "jeremy bot bot,s" "theresa the hot tot,s" in tantalising robes
who,s "running scared" when it,s "bottom,s bared" . . . expose those golden globes
cause for mash it,s get flash it,s an all front page splash . . .  the titanic,s still afloat
but a pert young behind of a royal blue kind
well she might yet get my vote

but lead us all into "smacky pops"msome say that it,s sofa so good
the red red wine of the sumptuous swine  some talk still of "gollum the good"
but precious,s is mine . . . well he,s doing just fine
we all salute churchill the few
the lardy bardy come kiss me hardy  the gap rap rap camberwell crew
the harmony hitch v the neighbourhood snitch
 one a.m smack smacks at three fifty three
who made the call slammmed the door in the hall
who,s just in the queue at a and the e

picture this wooded wedded bliss
  like an artists pastoral easel
  not a flat footed clown in his white wedding gown
the palete of "vincent van weasel"
je t,aime oui je t,aime a la drift down the sienne
 starry starry . . . . . top ??
  the turkey.s gob gobble as weasels we wobble
  it,s all gone "snap smacky and pop" ??

( or put it another way  )

it,s whey to go when it,s a.s.b.o jo some  some say it,s a camberwell scream
 scorn for the pawn were the daggers all drawn on the first of halloween
and it,s big bad cummings for sylph like strummings remember remember the  plot
  but a  simpering sloane and "heil honey i,n home" "i lieb ya baby" or not
   a snooper dropper a super tropper it,s honey bunny rides
 it,s never a frown when it,s eva von clown  ( the cut glass and china besides )
but he just spilt his drink yells his  "pretty in pink" his red wine budweiser "cock fosters"
like a white knight he rides and it,s damsels asides  the charge of the fictional gloucesters
like a stardust thrust well it,s bang or bust it,s mistress  1 or 2
but voque my poroque like a lipstick roque come be my coup a coup
  so a large pot of tea "mein majesty"  achente mein old autocutey
she,d not get that far in her vroom vroom car . . .  it,s time to get nazi salutey ???


da doo dah dum dom .... da duh-ham dum dom well staying in london,s a chore
there,ll be bluebells over .... the bluebells of dover
but it,s said that you can,t be too sure

and are blueberry tales ... just like beached balleen whales ... some say it just makes you blind
like a rose garden a stiff starts to harden .... encounters of a kind
and who was into innotech innotech was in or out
some say he did the okioe kokie say he shook it all about
but up the junction with "mistress instruction" no vroom vroom cars were british
with "little miss muck" he,s clean ouy of luck time to act bashful or skittish
so "carry on cummings" to the stllphyte like strummins to the castle lets all  go
but as the bra fly through the air we hear "ooh matron nooh" ??

but big bad dummy dommy say,s lets all just obey all the rules
  so hey diddle diddle or riddle my fiddle . . . . no queen machine,s  v captain cruels
  the neighbourhood witch with her curtain to twitch . . . the jestering festering few
a one o,clock sight but it,s stying tonight  . . .   it,s a roast  "porky pig" barbecue
but  it,s dungeness drab or  it,s blabbering fab . . . .a ride in  an old greasy rocket
and  vroom vroom cars on a long trip to mars . . .  or a plug without a socket
as the cook the thief the wife and his lover . . .   they find the latest copy
the man with the plan and it,s all in the can . . .  or somehow "mr sloppy"
but he,ll siddle at night like a fairycake fright . . .  like  "bad boy,s" in  the flicks
  like the pilsner ploys of the "bottle boys ". . .  the lounge lizards . . .  randy boy ricks
but  siddle did  . . . and a quid for a squid . . .  the barbecue,s gone rotten
it,s the old rule of thumb like a "band on the run" . . .  at "bender, tight shorts and bottom"
but riddle my diddle that old t.v . fiddle . . .  the sink,s  like a bad trip touloose
  but big bad dummy dommy say,s . . . .  let,s all just obey all the rules