but gunny go glitz ??
will we all bunny the blitz
the princess of silky-sat-cottons
or  donkey race slacker,s
with saggy old crackers
and a night . . . at beachy bottoms ??

in the weasley worst case scenario show
it,s said that "bottoms" had a plan
but who had the baddy the baddy come caddy
it,s the "mincetown clown" verses "h.m.p man"
cause rambo come hambo but who danced the sambo who wants to be my coo ca choo
the bishop was fawn like the pawn on the lawn
the quenn turned her back on the freak brothers few
but hot buttered bot,s come forget me.. ... um .....not,s was benderella at the ball
was the gaslight fanny in the crook or the cranny was "eleanor pigsby" in the hall
like crabs with blabs on the mortuary slabs ... the meanz beanz danced the old can can
tomato sauce .... but it,s chilli of course .... it,s a baconed butty but it,s all sham ham
and cruella de swill is she over the hill .... did mr fiddler write the note
a don,t come to fretter solicitors letter .... but is the ice ship still afloat
  so magic it,s tragic so tragic it.,s magic but could really be magic now
till the puke of  buckingham spent the night ....
 all fine at the sign of the posturing plough

but be thou art my easter bunny
my . . .  honey bunny gunny fest
i,m all bonzo beg . .  for your large easter egg
there,s just no way you,re . . .  second jest
not a "pat-licky-chicky" . . .  but "licky-me chick"
the lepracorn just spoke too soon
cause life is just time when there,s no valentine
just a  sign . .  and a cold empty room