"it,s coming home"
cried the laughing gnome
. . . a screamer of a goal
as the crooner croons to the simpering swoon,s
of "tiddle-winky-lol"
and a flailing fake well he,s in "swan lake"
 let,s all review the tapes

cause some might say thay it,s
"bottoms up . . . on the planet of the apes" ??
and it,s "pansy powers" with "sunshine showers"
the band on the run  played jet
"fantastic views" said the local news
  as you place your odds on bet

when in rome said the laughning gnome
he came he saw he conquered ??
  the green green grapes of the amarous apes . . . .a corky porky plonkered ??
and is "sweet caroline" like that one o,clock chime . . .  sung with some greasy old chips
like the scuttling sounds of the rattus arounds on the in the dark hulls of old creaky ships
  but a drum-roll ole helps you work rest and play . . .  the armada,s now far out to sea
  simona-un-hul,s all aboard . . .  and it,s just one cornetto for me
  as the henry-de-meeks are they mewling both cheeks
was the christian really to blame

the 3 lion roars to the guffaws applause ....
and they say iy,s a funny old game

in the heat of cup fever  don,t bodger the beaver
but like a stormtrooper in tights
not a chicky you,d greet on a fleshfest high street but just think of her "congugal rights" ...
a gammon in hag with her cellulite sag ?a "jules rimmet" gunnygunge "gleam"
but get in there for "eng-er-land"it,s time to take one for the team
and hail "the triumph of the swill""sausiblarius" hines from above
the hilarious of aquariussome might claim "from russia with love"
like a pork "vindaloo" hail the "vindaloo" fewan all "raucous porkus" come spread
but it,s time to "phwoar" one more than you
as the climax it comes to a head ??

so long . . .  so wrong
but we still sing our song
our forward,s a "jules rimet" jester
so long . . .  so wrong but we still sing our song
our right back . . . he just plays for leicester
  but give him the bird . . . like he,s richard the third ??
it,s grins for the twin,s . . .  in far places
  cause it,s so long .  . so wrong
but we still sing our song
  and soon we,ll be back to the races