now is the brexit of our . . . much content
 ye glorious summer champage cork

it,s a heat hazed hue at the barbecue and sizzling prime time british pork
cause at waterloo ... with it,s festering queue we sing congratulations
we make a strong stance v the threat of "nil points" and petty regulations
cause it,s been such a chore but "don,t mention the war
 the hundred years that,s long gone been

at agincourt it came to nought and in many way,s it was just a scream
and so we make dramas tres wonky bannanas ... from the  herpid hade,s of hell
and hear-ye town cryers denounce the hair dryers,  king edward  fingers his lubricat  gel
so a nifty three fifty ,  well that one looks shifty , the good wifes nowhere to be seen  ??
but believe in britain butter stork or even flora margarne
or a "fruitcake francious" it,s all je ne sai quois ...
a tres tooty fruity with plenty of  nut,s

  the cockerel just cocks as the court jester mocks ...
 and it,s long said that the good queen tutts

but greensleeves means leaves on decidious trees ...
 like a good tart,s all covered in treacle

like a good roast but it,s now time to toast ... the democracy of the people
so it,s see you later traitors gater ...... in a rank cell you might get a meal
it,s such a good crack when your up on the wrack
  it,s time now for squeal or no squeal

cause hail theses times of glorianna unicorns and fields of flowers
although some talk of somehow princes held  in somewhere towers
with their "breky-pops" ( are they still in the shop )
 with a slightly mute snap pop and crackle
though somehow quite bland like a dodgy own brand somewhere the three witches cackle
cause in bunny plot land was the laughter just canned ...
 did the good thesp on stage really die

was his head in the wine did she find him in time ... did lady mac breath somehow lie
like an old snoggy hoggy a hoggy come moggy .... her groom-stick she rides like a king
it,s groom-stick arise as she queries the size ....a  the puppet on a string ??
like a  far out farage as he sails on his barge ....( the fish they still swim in the sea )
or ol "breky-popsters" the ageing type rock-sters the bards "greatest hit,s" volime 3
cause what do we want is it "breky-pops" "breky-pops" do we want them now  ??
like a mad may march to trafalger arch .... at the palace some say it,s all chow
but  treachery talks . . . hear that guy fawkes still walks
 we might yet end in kingdom come

and it,s don,t turn tail cause we might come to hail
the mingland cretin-dom