don,t tip off the charon don,t bottom the baron
don,t row the boat across the lake
to the isle of the spread ... but the pied one he fled
the cackling caw of the camping crake
cause the galloping gunny,s ... the valley of bunny,s the pansied daffodil,s in fields
the mincers walk ... is it "flagon talk" . . it,s said in time the maiden yeilds
and the maiden splay,s as the jester plays the minstrels roam from town to town
where they,ve just been paid like a lowly maid ... standing there in that open gown
but by some it,s said that the pied one fledthe prophet saw it in the rune
but he might have fled from the barons bed but who pay,s the piper calls the tune

but theres just no spread if you,ve got no bread .. quasimodo rings the bells
in a cloistered dam under notre-ham ... it,s said by some the bunny yells
and the "weeping wall" it,s the rise and fall of the bathing bathory
it,s a pork or two at the barbecue ... but was it savour
but nostrahamus the stars they dam usbut was it really all just fate
was meant to be let the .... bebut when it,s served up on a plate
but don,t snitch the witch ...
 in the dark of the ditch .... nobbing hood is back in tow
it,s jingle bells if the bunny yell,s .... but london bridge is falling down
 and "slain my own dragon" the price of a flagon the fading of the tavern light
the half drumken blur the peculiar purr but was he such a gallant knight

in the war of the roses the jester strikes poses but was it all really his fault
who,s rosy young cheeks have been missing for weeks
 who,s hidden in the dungeon vault

cause tip off the charon or bottom the baron ...
or take that ferry cross the lake
to the isle of the spread . . .  but the pied one he fled
but the cackling caw of the camping crake